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how can i help you cook better?

“I can’t cook and assume learning will be sucky and time consuming, but if you’ve got some kind of shortcut, I’ll give it try.

“I can follow recipes ok and have a few go-to dishes but I’d love to get more adventurous and waaaayyy more efficient.”

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"I can handle myself in the kitchen but am always in the market for new tips and tricks to up my game."                                             

What the heck is kitchen karate?


Back in 2008 I was 30lb overweight, working crazy hours, and couldn’t cook to save my life. Today I’m still working crazy hours, but I’m fit and can cook like a mofo. The difference is Kitchen Karate, a super streamlined approach to cooking and meal prep that I created to keep myself on point in the eating department. Over the better part of a decade I’ve developed, refined, and taught Kitchen Karate to more than a thousand people in Los Angeles. Now I’m bringing it to the interwebs so that crazy busy people everywhere can make home cooking a routine part of their lives as well. You’re welcome.  

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