This course takes you from zero cooking skills to making 15 meals in 2 hours.

(in just 6 lessons)

Discover the fastest way to cook... in the fastest way possible. 

Learn to cook while learning to meal prep while making meals for the week. All in your own kitchen.


Kitchen Karate practitioners cut time spent on food-related activities by an average of 4.3 hours per week.


Practitioners reduce weekly food costs by an average of $79 per week.


Practitioners increase their number of homemade meals by an average of 8.4 per week. 

Kitchen Karate is made for busy people 

We all want to eat healthier. We know that means eating less processed foods and more real food. We know the best way to accomplish that is to cook more. But who has time to cook, much less learn how? You do!

  • Learn while making meals for the week
  • Don't mess around with stuff you don't need to know
  • Cut to the chase on the very few things you absolutely must know

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Hi, I'm Casey Moulton, aka The Kitchen Karate Guy.

In one lesson I'll take you from someone who can't cook to someone who can. In six lessons I'll turn you into a black belt of meal prep.

I know this because I have taught Kitchen Karate to more than a thousand people in Los Angeles. I've worked with singles, couples and families, vegetarians, meat eaters, and dieters of all kinds.

I know this also because it worked for me. You can read my full story here.

Or just jump to the free lesson. You'll know if Kitchen Karate is right for you in one go.

Meet Sari the vegetarian mom

Sari Karplus Diloreto became a Black Belt while seven months pregnant with a two year old in tow. As a vegetarian married to a meat eater, she was looking for more innovative and efficient ways to feed her growing family.

Meet the Park family

The First Family of Kitchen Karate, Davis and Allison Park engaged in what we call Couples Karate. They became Black Belts together, working side-by-side in the kitchen to make meals for themselves and their 9-year old son.

Meet Kevin the fit

Kevin Chan is the very first person to complete our course and achieve Black Belt status. As a guy who does actual martial arts five days a week he was used to watching his diet but was tired of making the same old thing.