Hopefully at this point you are fired up to get in the kitchen and start dominating at healthy no-recipe cooking. But you may also feel a bit overwhelmed and unsure where to start.

Here’s how to get your first taste of victory:

1. Set a date to do your first cook.

Don’t make this a big event. Set aside one hour max. I recommend a weeknight like Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Put it in your calendar and hold it firm.


2. Download and print any of the guides you might want to reference while cooking.

Do this ahead of time so that at the appointed hour you are not scrambling.


3. Go shopping.

I recommend you go shopping a day or two before the appointed hour, rather than right before it. As with printing out the guides ahead of time, you want this all done and well behind you so you can walk into the kitchen fresh and excited.


4. Get in your kitchen at the appointed hour.

Show up. Don’t kinda sorta have it on your mind that you might do this. Commit to doing it. And

then do it.


5. Take it one step at a time.

Don’t worry. Even if you have never boiled water before, you can make a complete well-balanced meal that tastes

great in an orderly fashion. All you have to do is follow the steps one after the other.


6. Keep your thinking cap on.

Your goal is to internalize the process. Don’t turn your brain off and follow the steps blindly. Think it through at

every turn, put it in your own words, make it yours.


7. Relax and enjoy.

Everybody gets stressed when learning something new, and that's especially true when it comes to cooking. Lower the stakes. Focus on the process rather than the results. Assume things won’t go perfectly. Take it slow when you are learning. Play some music. Maybe invite a friend to join you and you can both learn together!


Grab the PDF to read later.

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