The Healthy No-Recipe Meal Prep Master Course

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10 HD Video ‘cook-along’ lessons

10 guided meal prep practice sessions take you from beginner (white belt) to master (black belt)


Unlimited access

 All materials available whenever you like, as often as you like.


Structured Curiculum

Learn quickly by following a clear progression of lessons.



Clear course structure lets you pick up where you left off.


Meal prep guides

Use our easy-to-follow guides to plan and execute your own perfect meal prep practice.


Posted time targets throughout Cook-Along lesson keep you focused on maximum efficiency.


time cutters

Get all our best practices for cutting your cooking time to less than two hours per prep.


seasoning guides

Create meals with incredible variety with our preintable seasoning guides. No recipes needed!


CommuNIty Support

Share tips and tricks with other students in our private Facebook Group.



Get one-on-one support from me

I had my most successful KK prep yet last Sunday. The veggie combos I’m cooking up are amazing! This is turning out to be BETTER than any recipes I’ve followed in the past. I’m a true believer!
— Kim Calvert

Davis & Allison

The First Family of Kitchen Karate, Davis and Allison Park engaged in what we call Couples Karate. They became Black Belts of weekly meal prep together by working side-by-side in the kitchen to make meals for themselves and their 9-year old son.


Sari Karplus Diloreto became a Black Belt of weekly meal prep while 7 months pregnant. As a vegetarian married to a meat eater, she was looking for more innovative ways to feed her growing family.


Kevin Chan is the very first person to complete our course and achieve Black Belt status in weekly meal prep. As a fitness-minded person he was used to the idea of prepping meals for the week but was tired of making the same old thing.



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