Knowing how to meal prep is one thing,

getting your self to do it is another thing entirely.


I love my meal prep routine and do it like clockwork every Sunday morning from 8a-10a while my wife plays with the kids. Cranking tune, working with my hands, cracking dad jokes. It’s one of my favorite times of the week.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I struggled with meal prep for years. It used to take me all day and the meals I made were mediocre at best. Definitely not worth all the hassle.

I only stuck with it because I literally could not get myself to eat right during the week without it. But I would skip weeks… lots of weeks...

The truth is that even when we have a compelling reason to get our meal prep done, we have a lot of better reasons not to.

Not enough free time

You work all week and there’s only so much time in the weekend to get other things done and have a little fun. Sacrificing half your Sunday to meal prep is cruel and unusual punishment.

It’s a lot of work

Even when you do carve out the time you’ve still got to muster up a big head of steam. Shopping alone can knock the wind out of your sails. Then you have to start the real work.

Who knows what to make

Trying to decide what to make for one meal is hard enough. Now you’ve got to figure out how to pull off a bunch of meals all at once. And once you get cooking, things get hectic in a hurry and it’s easy to lose track of what goes with what and why. It’s enough to make your head spin.

The kitchen becomes a hot mess

If by sheer will you do manage to get your meal prep done, the kitchen ends up looking like a crime scene. Every pot, pan, bowl, and utensil you own is piled up in the sink and counters with grease splattered everywhere. You leave it for later, like days later.

Some of the meals turn out lame

You put in all this this time, energy, and money to create a flight of healthy meals for the week but when it comes to eating them you find things overcooked, under-seasoned and soggy half the time.


It’s no surprise that most people give up on meal prep after a few attempts.

But what if...

you breezed through the process in two hours, made great meals, left the kitchen clean, and got on with your day feeling accomplished but not fatigued.

Imagine this.


Every time you meal prep it turns out great. The meals are tasty and good for you and more convenient than anything else. Cash that would have been wasted on meals out is suddenly available for those shoes you’ve had your eye on. Hours that would have gone into cooking or hunting down meals throughout the week are suddenly freed up for that exercise class you've been meaning to get to.


You feel in control of food in your life and proud of the way you can handle your business in the kitchen. Day after day you see people all around you making bad food choices as you tuck into another one of your delicious homemade meals.


When your experience with meal prep is like that, you’ll have feelings like these:

"It's like my Sunday self giving all these little gifts to my Monday thru Friday self" - Lacy Hoff 
"I'm ecstatic the girls love everything and I take comfort knowing my girls are eating healthy warm meals at school on a daily basis" - Hellen Jurado
"I started washing my veggies at 11am and by 1p I was done with everything. I would have thought it was a victorious day even if it had taken me three hours instead of two." - Andrew Sampson


15 Meals in 2 Hours

Prep-along Course


For years I taught my signature Kitchen Karate course Make 15 Meals in 2 Hours out of a test kitchen in Los Angeles. Over a thousand students came through the doors.


Every time I held the class people would get fired up to crush it at meal prep. Afterwards they would ask if I held additional classes. They wanted more… more practice, more advanced techniques, more seasoning ideas, more inspiration.


I had a lot more to share but I also had a full time job and holding additional classes was just not feasible for me.


Simultaneously word of my class was spreading to people outside of Los Angeles, as far as Australia. I would get emails from people all over asking me to bring Kitchen Karate to their town.


I wanted to reach more people with an even better version of my live course.


So I decided to stop holding the live course and used that time to build an online video course that leads you through the process in your own kitchen while you prep meals for the week.


For a year I worked with a professional chef to push my method of making 15 meals in 2 hours to the highest level. I beta tested the prep-along sessions with several rounds of students online, taking total beginners through the most advanced level.


The resulting course totally exceeded my expectations.


In just 10 prep-along sessions you will:

  • Be able to make 15 completely different meals in 2 hour

  • Cook your way around the world of cuisines

  • Handle every type of produce and meat in your market

  • Turn your kitchen into a lean, clean cooking machine

  • Amaze yourself with how well you can cook (and how much fun it is)


But most importantly, the course will pull you into your kitchen and get you prepping regularly.

How it works


This is a video-based course with ten prep-along sessions that increase in difficulty from beginner “white belt” to advanced “black belt”.

  • Every prep-along session leads you through the entire process from start to finish with nothing edited out. Simply do what I do and your meals will get made at the same speed as mine.
  • Every session comes with a corresponding shopping list and guidance on how to amend it to your dietary and taste preferences.
  • You can pause, rewind, and replay the videos as often as you like.
  • Additional guides and written lessons are provided to support your learning.
  • Everything in the course is yours for life.

what you get


10 HD Video ‘PREP-along’ lessons

20 hours of guided meal prep practice sessions take you from beginner (white belt) to master (black belt)


Unlimited access

 All materials available whenever you like, as often as you like.


Structured Curiculum

Learn quickly by following a clear progression of lessons.



Clear course structure lets you pick up where you left off.


Meal prep guides

Use our easy-to-follow guides to plan and execute your own perfect meal prep practice.


Posted time targets throughout Prep-Along sessions keep you focused on maximum efficiency.


time cutters

Get all our best practices for cutting your cooking time to less than two hours per prep.


seasoning guides

Create meals with incredible variety with our preintable seasoning guides. No recipes needed!


CommuNIty Support

Share tips and tricks with other students in our private Facebook Group.



Get one-on-one support from me

I had my most successful KK prep yet last Sunday. The veggie combos I’m cooking up are amazing! This is turning out to be BETTER than any recipes I’ve followed in the past. I’m a true believer!
— Kim Calvert

Davis & Allison

The First Family of Kitchen Karate, Davis and Allison Park engaged in what we call Couples Karate. They became Black Belts of weekly meal prep together by working side-by-side in the kitchen to make meals for themselves and their 9-year old son.


Sari Karplus Diloreto became a Black Belt of weekly meal prep while 7 months pregnant. As a vegetarian married to a meat eater, she was looking for more innovative ways to feed her growing family.


Kevin Chan is the very first person to complete our course and achieve Black Belt status in weekly meal prep. As a fitness-minded person he was used to the idea of prepping meals for the week but was tired of making the same old thing.



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