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Your journey to weekly meal prep mastery begins now.

Purpose of The Course

This course is designed to do one thing - empower you with meal prep skills to last a lifetime. 

Our goal is for you to GRADUATE from this course with all the skills and strategies you need to create and maintain a meal prep practice that suits YOUR particular needs.

Membership to this course is not something you need to maintain indefinitely. We hope to provide value to your meal prep practice for a long time to come but we expect that eventually you will outgrow us and fly on your own.

The Kitchen Karate Approach To Meal Prep

Our belief is that there is no one-size-fits-all meal prep practice.

Your diet, schedule, family dynamics, space constraints, budget constraints, and cooking abilities all impact your meal prep. And all of these factors will change and evolve over the course of your life.

Our goal is to empower you with an approach to meal prep that is ADAPTABLE to your changing needs.

That's why we teach what we call an "Ingredients-Up Approach". This will be covered throughout upcoming lessons but the gist of it is that you start with the components that make up your meals - the ingredients - and then create dishes. This is the exact opposite of the "Recipes Down Approach" where you start with a recipe and go hunt for ingredients.

By starting with ingredients (rather than recipes) you can create a meal prep routine that:

  • Supports any diet: Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Keto, etc.
  • Meets any nutritional goals
  • Fits any schedule
  • Works with any budget
  • Scales to any family size
  • Accounts for picky eaters' preferences

Plus, it allows you to:

  • Shop and plan your meals quickly
  • Create endless variety with your dishes
  • Advance your cooking skills rapidly

Is This Course Right For You?

The truth is, this course is not for everyone. The people who excel at Kitchen Karate are those who:

  • Enjoy learning
  • Like to take ownership of the things they do
  • Are willing to try new things
  • See "fails" as necessary steps toward mastery
  • Ask questions
  • Get a thrill from "Hizzah!" moments of new understanding

In short, Kitchen Karate is super empowering. It will guide you to overcome barriers that get in the way of creating lasting healthy eating habits, but YOU have to make it happen.

How The Course Works

The course has three components:

  1. Lessons & Guides
  2. Cook-Along Sessions
  3. Support

Lessons & Guides - The daily lessons and guides are designed to teach you the skills and strategies you need to create a meal prep routine that fits YOUR particular needs. These contain the most important things you will take away from this entire program.

Cook-Along Sessions - Like training wheels on a bike, think of these as "training meals". Buy the suggested ingredients (customizable to your diet) and follow along with videos as you cook. The play-by-play guidance will help you put the lessons into practice.  (More on this later.)

Support - Our Office Hours, Email Support, and Private Forum are there to provide personalized help as you craft your particular meal prep practice. Please don't hesitate to ask any question no matter how nuanced. You will be helping ten other people who come through the course after you.

How Long Does The Course Take?

Short answer: Anywhere from six weeks to six months or more.

Long answer:  You could read all the lessons and guides as quickly as you might read a how-to book. But this is an online course with a video-based Cook-Along component and ongoing coaching support precisely because meal prep is a skill set rather than a knowledge set.

It's what you actually DO with the information in your real life that matters.

Think of your meal prep practice like a martial arts practice. You can read all about it but it's not until you physically start practicing that you actually get it. And like any skill worth having, you can learn the fundamentals fairly quickly but to excel you need to focus on your form. That takes practice. And that's what this course provides.

Final answer: You don't need to become a Black Belt to create a perfectly suitable meal prep routine for yourself but at a minimum we suggest you complete all of the Four Weeks to Mastery courses.

Where To Begin

Start by reading all the lessons in our Orientation Week, even if you are an experienced chef. These lessons will let you know our philosophy and approach to cooking and meal prep, which are utilized throughout all belt levels.


A Quick Tour of Your Members Area 

Members Home - Clicking "my courses" or "members home" brings you to this page

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Account settings - Click to access your billing and profile information, extend or cancel your membership.

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Belt Level Status - This indicates the belt level you have completed. Everybody starts at White Belt. That is free. The rest you earn.

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Points Earned - You earn points for completing belt levels, sharing your accomplishments, and inviting friends. The points will be redeemable in our shop (coming soon).

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Resource Tabs - Click each one to see what they offer.

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Belt Level Lessons - All materials related to each belt level.

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Cook-Along Materials - Contains the shopping list (emailable), meal plan, descriptions of the plated meals, time target and point value for that Cook-Along.

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Daily Lessons - Click each box to access the lessons before attempting the Cook-Along for that belt level. Click the "Done" check box to mark the ones you have completed.

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Share - After completing each belt level you will receive a badge of honor with your name on it, which you can share on social media to earn additional points to use in our store (coming soon).

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Cook-Along - Clicking the Cook-Along button brings you to the Cook-Along videos for that belt level. Videos are broken into chapters for easy navigation. Clicking "Done Belt Me" marks the belt complete, which awards you a new belt badge and points.

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Cook-Along Header - The top of the Cook-Along section contains two important links which open in new browser windows so they don't interrupt the Cook-Along in progress. One is to the Meal Plan, which you can reference as a guide throughout the Cook-Along. The other is Plate Pictures which shows you the completed meals for the Cook-Along.

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Cooking Along - Play the videos using a mobile device in your kitchen as you prep the meals for that Cook-Along. Pause and rewind as often as necessary.

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Let's Do This Thing!

That completes your tour. Why not jump right in? Click around your Members homepage to get familiarized with the materials then start your Orientation Week lessons.

Happy Prepping!