See how the course pays for itself!

Whatcha get for your money


No time is wasted as you learn to cook and meal prep while making meals for the week. Each lesson comes with a list of supplies and HD videos that lead you through the process. There are ten lessons in all. Complete them in order or jump around. Every lesson is self-contained and comes with a difficulty-level rating from white belt to black belt. 


Quick video references and printable guides for all the key concepts including:

  • Kitchen equipment checklist
  • Planning your meals for the week in under five minutes
  • Shopping without a list
  • Portioning without measuring cups
  • Seasoning without recipes
  • Cooking without a timer
  • Packing, storing, and serving your make-ahead meals
  • Getting your family on board with healthy eating
  • And much more

Unlimited Access

You can go at your own pace, skip ahead, repeat lessons, and return again and again. Once you're in, you're in.


Join the growing Facebook Group of Kitchen Karate practitioners. You will be able to find mentors at every level as you ascend from white belt to black belt. Connect with people who share your diet preferences, family dynamics, and kitchen constraints. 


Sometimes you just need someone to show you exactly what to do. As a member you will have the option to request one-on-one coaching via Skype or Facetime.