The course pays for itself in both time and money

The course saves you more MONEY than you spend on it.


Financial costs

  • Course fee: $95
  • Average equipment spend $200* 
  • Average grocery spend: $500**

Estimated total course cost: $795

* The kitchen equipment is optional and anything you purchase is something you will use well beyond the course.

**The groceries are for meals you actually consume and since home cooked meals cost less than eating out, the groceries represent immediate savings.   


Financial savings

Students report reducing overall food cost by $50 - $150 per week with the average being $79.63. (Savings come from eating out less often and being more cost effective when grocery shopping.)

Estimated weekly savings: $79.63


money saved by week.png

The course saves you more TIME than you spend on it.

Time savings

Students report reducing their total time spent on food-related activities each week by 2-8 hours, with the average being 4.3 hours.

Estimated weekly time savings: 4.3 hours


Time costs 

  • Study time: 5 hours
  • Shopping time: 10 hours*
  • Cooking & Cleaning time: 40 hours*

Total course time: 55 hours

* You are learning on the job so the time spent shopping and cooking produces actual meals for the week saving you from having to cook later.

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