Casey Moulton, aka The Kitchen Karate Guy

Let's do this, chef.

I'm going to teach you how to cook in 30 minutes. Straight up. This one lesson shows you everything you need to know to turn raw ingredients into delicious meals whenever you like.

Think of this as the template for cooking, the recipe behind the recipes, the secret code hiding in plain sight.

Iā€™ve taught this one lesson to more than a thousand people in LA and both non-cooks and experienced home cooks alike say the same thing, "This makes cooking so easy. Why hasn't anyone shown me this before?" One student called it "the lesson you need before taking cooking classes." 

Ok, enough with the hype. Let's get to it!

Watch the primer

Now let's get cooking!

Here's how this is cook-along is going down:

1. Get the checklist of needed supplies.

2. Get your butt into the kitchen with everything on the checklist.

3. Play the cook-along videos below to make your meal. Eat it. And like it. 

And away we go...

Step 1. Get the checklist of needed supplies

Optional: Need knife skills?

Step 2. Prep your ingredients

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following cook-along videos are designed to be played in your kitchen while you cook. Otherwise they are painfully slow to watch, and they won't get you any closer to developing actual cooking skills. Just as you can't learn to swim without getting in the pool, you can't learn to cook without getting in the kitchen. So give the videos a quick scan if you like, but then click on the GET THE LIST button above, gather your supplies and let's rock!

Step 3. Season your ingredients 

Step 4. Cook your ingredients

Step 5. Plate your meal

Step 6. Choose Your Next Challenge!

You can crush this whole course. All you have to do is jump in and keep cooking!