What kitchen equipment do I need? 

You can view the equipment checklist for the full course here. We encourage you to purchase things only as you need them. Depending on how well-equipped you already are, and how expensive your tastes, you could spend anywhere from $50-$500 on gear, with $200 being a solid average. But even if you spend $500, don't worry, you will make that back in food cost savings. View our full financial and time cost analysis here.

How much will the groceries cost?

This depends a lot on where you live and where you shop. In creating the course we spent an average of $5 per meal while shopping at our local big chain grocery store here in Los Angeles, which falls in the middle price-wise between Walmart and Whole Foods.But remember that every meal you make in the course saves you from eating out. If eating out on average costs your $10 and eating home cooked cost you $5, you actually save $5 every time you make a meal. View our full financial and time cost analysis here.

How much time does it take to complete the course? 

Completing each of the ten lessons once, including all reading, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up will take you 40-50 hours. Most students repeat certain lessons or skip others entirely, but any way you slice it, 40-50 hours is a good estimate for total time commitment. Most students spread the lessons out over three to six months. And then they come back periodically for a refresher. (Quick reminder: Kitchen Karate is a time saving strategy. Students end up saving nearly 5 hours per week by reducing their cooking-related activities. Any time you put into this course will be returned to you tenfold over the course of a year.) View our full financial and time cost analysis here.

What technology do I need? 

You will need a computer or mobile device that can connect to the internet from your kitchen and play our streaming videos. You need to see and hear the videos cleanly in your kitchen, without buffering issues. The free white belt lesson gives you a chance to check it all out without paying for the course.  If those videos work in your kitchen, you're golden.

Do you provide equipment.

Not yet. But we do provide an Amazon store to help you get geared up quickly. You can view it here.

What kind of meals are taught in this course? What if I have dietary restrictions? 

All diet types are welcome. This course teaches you the skills of cooking and meal prep, so you can prepare meals you like efficiently, no matter what ingredients you choose.  The cook-along videos demonstrate making meals using vegetables, meats, grains, beans, herbs, spices, and other seasonings. You are encouraged to swap out or ignore any ingredients you don't like in favor of ingredients you do like. 

What is your idea of “healthy eating”?

Our motto: Eat real foods, mostly vegetables, with just enough lean meats, good fats, and whole grains to remain fully satisfied.

Eat this way...

100% of the time if you want to lose weight quickly

90% of the time if you are trying to lose weight without losing your mind.

80% of the time if you are already at a healthy weight and want to maintain it.

Does Kitchen Karate work for a family?

Absolutely! We take a skills-based, bottum-up approach to building healthy eating habits as opposed to a top-down, meal-plan approach. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to build your own routines and habits for healthy eating as a family. Everyone in the household can participate and contribute meaningfully to the process.

Do I need to know how to cook?

Not at all! This course is built for newbies. We take you all the way from zero cooking ability to being able to make 15 meals in two hours. In fact, the less you know about cooking the better. That way you don't have to unlearn anything!

What if I have a tiny kitchen?

You're not alone! Kitchen Karate was forged in a tiny kitchen. Tons of practitioners are in the same boat (or dingy). We call it Close Quarters Combat. You'll get tons of tips and tricks. Don't worry. It works. 

What's the refund policy?

You can get a full refund within 30 days from your purchase. (but nobody ever does... :)